What we do?

Formerly known as Rails Girls Berlin, we organize free coding workshops for women* without prior experience in coding. These workshops are led by skilled programmers who are eager to help newbies and to increase the number of women* in IT. During our workshops, we try to create a cozy space where questions are welcome and where there is no pressure nor competition. To accomplish that, we keep the group sizes small and have one dedicated coach per two or three learners.

* = Women and everybody who identifies as a woman (including non-binary and trans people).

Read more about us, here.

Upcoming workshops:

  • Rails Beginner Workshop

    Let’s dive into Coding ♥️ code curious wants to give absolute beginners the opportunity and community to learn the technologies...

  • JS Testing Workshop

    Let’s dive deeper into Coding ♥️ You know how to code in JavaScript and want to learn testing with JS...